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About SyclonePK

SyclonePK (also known as Syclone) is a 718/742 webclient. SyclonePK is 50% for skillers and 50% for pkers, we have a great system for pkers, pvmers, skillers.  We are one of the best RSPS's out there, with the most content and the most stababilty out off all of them, we are always bringing new updates & bug fixes to the server as soon as we can. Please donate to our server so we can switch our server to VPS hosting, because VPS hosting makes this 99% uptime. You get also 100m cash bonus.

Why SyclonePK?

100% working vote system and donating/buying system.

SyclonePK is a free game. (but you can buy ranks and items in the store)

We have control users, these users make shure the game is safe against rule breakers.

SyclonePK is 50% for pkers and 50% for pvmers. (over 100 monsters and bosses, and pvm is fun)

Drygores  + offhand!

Squil of  Fortune works 100%.

Skilling works 85%! + 100% working summoning!

Killstreak capes working 100%.

Every person you kill you get an amount of upgrade tokens, Pvp tokens, and (2m - 3m) cash.

You have the possibility to change your items look (old or new) at ::switchitemslook 

(old and new!)

Working money pouch + 25+ minigames + Completionest cape working 100% (changing collor, etc...)

And a lot more...


Having any problems/issues/complaints about SyclonePK?
Send a message to [email protected]

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